Security fixes

Queue widget in the High Availability (HA) controllers might inadvertently display private projects

When a build is waiting in a queue and the job is not visible to the current user, the queue widget will normally omit this queue item. In an High Availability (HA) controller the queue item was inadvertently displayed. The corresponding job was still not displayed, and after the build (or build stage) started the executor widget, it now appropriately displays the task as an unknown task.

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Resolved Issues


Known Issues

Duplicate Pipeline Template Catalogs in the Configuration as Code for controllers jenkins.yaml file on each instance restart

If a Pipeline Template Catalog is configured in the Configuration as Code jenkins.yaml file and the id property is not defined, the catalog is duplicated on each instance restart and in the exported Configuration as Code configuration.

NullPointerException when Validating Kubernetes Cluster Endpoint

When using credentials in the Kubernetes Cluster Endpoints configuration, the Validate functionality shows an Angry Jenkins in the UI and a null pointer exception in Jenkins logs.

Clouds do not disappear after the Folder configuration update by a user without Administer permissions

Clouds deselect after a user without Administer permissions edit the Folder configuration.

Pod templates page is read-only for NonConfigurableKubernetesCloud

The NonConfigurableKubernetesCloud setting on the pod template page appeared to be editable. However, it is read-only.