New features


Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

RPM installation mode error resolved (BEE-6684)

The RPM-based installation for version was failing for some customers with custom system users. You may have received the following error:

main process exited, code=exited, status=6/NOTCONFIGURED'

This issue has been resolved. The chown command is now performed automatically during the installation to account for any custom system users.

Known issues

Spaces in configuration for systemd caused Java startup to fail (BEE-7072)

After upgrading, you may find that Java fails to start, causing an error. This could result from having spaces in the systemd configuration.

To configure CloudBees CI to support spaces in the systemd configuration, add the following arguments to the Jenkins service configuration file:


JENKINS_JAVA_OPTIONS+=("-Dkey=value with spaces")

For most RedHat and CentOS distributions, the service configuration file is located at: /etc/sysconfig/cloudbees-core-oc.