With the new insights for CloudBees CI, teams can take action to enhance build performance, right-size workloads over demand cycles, prevent unplanned downtimes, get a holistic view of plugin usage across all pipeline jobs, and more.

A new data pipeline seamlessly sends data from each CloudBees CI controller directly to CloudBees Analytics, where data is presented in two new dashboards:

  • Workload Insights: Workload Insights show historical workload growth across demand cycles. Infrastructure teams can spot patterns, capacity issues and unexpected spikes around system/controller health, enabling the admin to take preventative measures.

  • Plugin Usage: Teams can track and monitor usage of plugins across all Freestyle and Pipeline jobs, prioritize most used plugins for upgrade activity, and review and audit all unused plugins.

These dashboards provide shared services teams with predictability and reliability, allowing them to proactively improve the overall CloudBees CI infrastructure.