Deleting builds from the builds list

1 minute read

The builds list includes Cluster Manager build history. It is important to remove build logs periodically so they do not fill up the Cluster Manager’s available disk space. Uploaded annotation is also considered part of build logs, so remember to clean up build logs for extraneous or obsolete builds regularly if annotation is frequently uploaded to the Cluster Manager.

To delete builds from the builds list:

  1. Click the Builds tab to open the build history list.

  2. Filter the build list by your desired criteria; for example, Good Builds or Builds by Date, and so on.

  3. Click Delete.

  4. Confirm your decision at the prompt to delete the results. After you confirm the delete, it cannot be undone.

You can automate build deletion tasks by using the cmtool deleteBuilds command.

For example, if you are using MySQL, this example deletes all builds more than 20 days old:

cmtool deleteBuilds --filter "start_time <date_sub(curdate(), interval 20 day)"
If you use a different database, use syntax that is appropriate for your respective database.