Users page

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Use this page to manage the user list. All local users created in CloudBees Build Acceleration, are listed on this page. “admin” is the default CloudBees Build Acceleration user. The admin user cannot be deleted and always has full-permissions (except for Impersonate and Invoke, which are No by default).

If you have LDAP configured users who need access to CloudBees Build Acceleration, click the Permissions subtab, then the Enable User link.


  • Clicking a user name opens the user’s User Details page.

  • You can create a new user or delete existing users.

  • The Actions column lets you edit or delete the user in that row.

  • You can also:

  • Click a column heading to sort the information in that column.

  • Set the page refresh interval to keep your information current.

Column descriptions

Column Description


Name of the user, recognized by the system. For example, if Mary Smith is the user’s real name, her system user name might be “msmith.” Clicking a user name opens the User Details or User Settings page, depending on whether you click your own user name or another user’s name.

Real Name

Real name of the user. For example, the real name for the “msmith” user name might be Mary Smith.


Normal email address used to send mail to this user.


The source is Local for users created in CloudBees Build Acceleration. LDAP users are listed on the Permissions page.


Edit User —Opens the corresponding Edit User page.

Delete User —Deletes the corresponding user.

User details

This page displays the user’s name at the top of the page and shows that user’s details. For a complete description of these fields, see Users - create new or edit existing Local Users.