Cluster Sharing report

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The Cluster Sharing report shows the total work time lost (sum of aborted job run-times) and net build time lost (total work time minus overlaps) because of cluster sharing over the lifetime of the build.

This report is useful if your build aborts jobs because an agent host is de-allocated from the build. The host might have been allocated to another build, moved to another cluster, or simply shut down. The aborted jobs must be rerun, which causes a slower build.

This report does not consider the effect of not using some agent hosts because other builds are using them. To evaluate this factor, use the ElectricSimulator report. For details, see ElectricSimulator.


  • Job A starts 5 seconds into the build.

  • Job B starts 10 seconds into the build.

  • Both jobs are terminated 20 seconds into the build.

The total work time lost is 15 + 10 seconds, but the net build time lost is only 15 seconds, because the build time lost by job B overlaps the build time lost by job A.

This report is also available from the command line. For details, see Cluster Sharing Report.