ecclusterupgrade options

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Option Description


Cluster Manager administrator’s password. Default is changeme.


Agent side install directory. You must specify the --hosts option also to limit the upgrade to those machines that use the “non-standard” agent install directory.


Number of hosts to process per iteration. This lets you break the upgrade of a large cluster into more manageable smaller batches to avoid timeouts. Default is 20 (the recommended maximum).


Cluster Manager whose hosts are to be upgraded. Default is localhost:8030:8031.


Cluster Manager secure port. Default is 8031.

`--gen-hostlist `

Query the Cluster Manager to get the list of hosts, write it to a file, and exit.

`--help `

Display this table’s help text.

--hosts="host1 host2 …​"

List of hosts to upgrade. Can be a pattern such as host[1-3], host[2,5]. This switch supersedes --cm.


Installer executable to use. Use an absolute filename for this option. If the installer is not in the expected directory, you must provide the full path to the installer, even when you specify --installerdir.


Directory containing the installer executables.


Installer version (for example, ). This option is needed only if there are multiple installer versions in the `local/--installerdir ` location.


Number of minutes to wait for the agent install to finish. Default is 20.


Log file for messages. The default is /var/tmp (Linux) or C:\ ` (Windows) in the form of `ecloud_node_upgrade_YYYMMDD_HHMMSS.log.


Host name or IP address of the new Cluster Manager where you want to migrate the upgraded agents.


Location where the remote install is run.


Agent machine operating system ( windows or linux ).