Roadmap to the CloudBees Flow APIs

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CloudBees Flow supports these APIs, ranked from easiest to hardest to use:

  • DSL methods—You create scripts and templates without using API commands. The CloudBees Flow DSL allows you to create scripts or templates for all the operations that you can do on the CloudBees Flow UI, using the REST API, or the Perl API.

  • REST APIs—You do not need detailed knowledge of the API syntax to execute REST API requests. You navigate to the REST API URI and enter the appropriate information in the API UI to execute a request.

  • Perl API—You need to know the correct syntax to execute these commands. You can use Perl APIs one of these ways:

    • Access ectool or ec-perl through the command-line interface

    • Put the API commands in Javascript

Go to the following sections to use these APIs:

API Type Go to

DSL Methods


Groovy API

Perl APIs