Pipeline Templates

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Organizations operating at scale need consistency to prevent chaos. If each development team in your organization is creating their own Pipelines according to their own sensibilities, that’s a recipe for disaster.

CloudBees Pipeline Templates give your organization the ability to enforce consistency. A small team can determine what Pipeline options are appropriate for your needs, and all of your development teams can choose from one of those options when they set up a software delivery project.

That way, your developers can focus on shipping product, and your organization can standardize the Pipelines they use to do it.

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Walkthrough of Pipeline Template Catalogs

Introduction to Pipeline Template Catalogs with CloudBees CI

Understanding Pipeline Templates

Pipeline Templates help ensure that Pipeline builds conform to organizational standards, and they work like this:

  1. A small team (in this guide, we refer to this team as a shared services team) defines a Pipeline Template (or collection of Pipeline Templates) in a centralized Pipeline Template Catalog.

  2. The shared services team, according to their policies and the organization’s needs, configures the Pipeline Templates in the Catalog to pre-define certain values and actions and/or leave room for customization.

  3. When a development team is setting up a software delivery project, they build their Pipeline based on one of the Templates in the Pipeline Template Catalog.

  4. Depending on how the shared services team configured the Template, the development team can customize certain options, while other options are pre-defined.

Pipeline Templates work on client controllers, managed controllers, and team controllers.

Using Pipeline Templates

The developer user experience is streamlined in the pipeline template workflow.

  1. Sign in to the team controller or the managed controller as an application developer.

  2. Navigate to the folder where the job should be created.

  3. In the side panel, click New Item.

  4. Enter any unique values for the application pipeline. If the administrator has not configured any parameters in the template’s template.yaml file, then this secondary screen will not be shown.

Defining Pipeline Templates

Pipeline Templates are defined in Pipeline Template Catalogs, and both are stored in a source code repository.