CloudBees Feature Management - C/C++ changelog

CloudBees Feature Management is an advanced feature flagging solution that lets your development teams quickly build and deploy applications without compromising on safety. By providing a gradual release mechanism and a simple way to define target audiences, CloudBees Feature Management allows developers and product managers to optimize feature releases and customize the user experience. CloudBees Feature Management gives teams control over features that are in staging, production, or any environment in the deployment pipeline.

2021-XX-XX V 5.0.0

Breaking changes (C SDK):

  • <rollout.h> renamed to <rox/server.h>.

  • RoxVariant renamed to RoxStringBase.

  • rox_add_variant function renamed to rox_add_string_with_options.

  • rox_get_variant_or_default(_ctx) function renamed to rox_get_string(_ctx).

  • Removed flag functions:

    • rox_flag_is_enabled_or_null(_ctx) - using flag’s default value instead of NULL.

    • rox_get_string_or_null(_ctx) - using flag’s default value instead of NULL.

    • rox_flag_enabled_do(_ctx) and rox_flag_disabled_do(_ctx) functions now require target argument to be passed.

  • rox_dynamic_api_get_value renamed to rox_dynamic_api_get_string.

Breaking changes (C++ SDK):

  • <rollout.hpp> renamed to <roxx/server.h>.

  • Rox::Variant class renamed to Rox::String.

  • GetValueOrNull, IsEnabledOrNull methods removed - using default flag values instead.

  • Rox::DynamicApi::GetValue renamed to GetString.

Fixes and Additions (C SDK):

  • New flag functions:

    • rox_add_int

    • rox_add_int_with_options

    • rox_add_double

    • rox_add_double_with_options

    • rox_get_int

    • rox_get_int_ctx

    • rox_get_double

    • rox_get_double_ctx

    • rox_add_string- shortcut for rox_add_string_with_options(options: NULL)

  • New dynamic API functions:

    • rox_dynamic_api_get_int

    • rox_dynamic_api_get_double

    • rox_dynamic_api_get_string_ctx, rox_dynamic_api_get_int_ctx, rox_dynamic_api_get_double_ctx - new functions that take context and options parameters.

  • Other updates:

    • rox_set_context now accepts NULL for context argument.

Fixes and Additions (C++ SDK):

  • New classes and interfaces:

    • Rox::BaseFlag class added with single GetName() method.

    • Rox::Int class.

    • Rox::Double class.

  • Dynamic API changes:

    • Rox::DynamicApi::GetInt, Rox::DynamicApi::GetDouble methods added.

  • Other updates:

    • Rox::SetContext now accepts nullptr for context argument.

Client SDK

  • Client SDK is installed by default. To omit its installation, specify -C flag for

  • New headers:

    • C Client SDK: #include <rox/client.h>.

    • C++ Client SDK: #include <roxx/client.h>.

  • Flag freeze feature. See the C/C++ client SDK documentation.

  • Flag overrides feature. See the C/C++ client SDK documentation.

  • Configuration caching feature.

    • For Client SDK only; always enabled.

2020-03-30 V 4.7.0

Initial release