CloudBees Feature Management - Java server changelog

With CloudBees Software Delivery Management, you can measure, manage, and improve your team’s ability to deliver features and connect software development efforts to the rest of the business.

CloudBees Software Delivery Management has two modules: CloudBees Engineering Efficiency and CloudBees Feature Management.

  • CloudBees Feature Management lets you access your features at every stage of development for greater control and experimentation.
  • CloudBees Engineering Efficiency lets you access engineering productivity data, giving you the visibility to focus on quickly and predictably delivering value to your customers and the business.

2020-04-30: V4.9.1

  • Self-managed support added

2019-09-16: V4.8.0

  • API version 1.8.0

  • Values are base64 - fixing " and () bug

  • Changes to API calls, using Cloudfront

2019-06-12: V4.6.4

  • Fixed Concat bug

  • Adding Kill switch to remotely shut down the SDK

2019-01-17: V4.6.0

  • Non-public fields are also registered inside the container (for Scala compatibility)

  • Rox.reset() function was added (See Java API - reset for documentation)

2018-11-28: V4.3.0

  • Added push updates support

2018-11-08: V4.2.0

  • internal changes

2018-10-18: V4.1.1

  • Rox.setup returns a Future<Void>

2018-08-20: V4.1.0

  • Encrypted in operator - you can now use in operator and the data will be passed to the clients encrypted

  • API version 1.7.0

2018-06-18: V3.2.0

  • Overrides API - override your flags value locally

  • Roxy Support - Use the Roxy server as your ROX configuration endpoint

2018-05-31: V3.1.0

  • Dynamic API - getting a flag value by it’s name

2018-05-09: V3.0.0

  • flag dependency support

  • add isArchive to flag impression handler

  • fixed error in failed debug log messages

2018-04-15: V2.0.3

  • Fixed leak in s3 access

2018-04-12: V2.0.2

  • Fixed leak in s3 access

2018-01-03: V2.0.0

  • General Availability !!!!

  • Added impression Handler on RoxOptions - allowing to hook custom action (e.g. analytic reporting) when a flag value is evaluated

  • Added withSyncCompletionHandler on RoxOptions - get an update once configuration is processes on the device

  • Namespace is moved to register - instead of registering the container and placing the namespace inside the container object we move the container to the register function