CloudBees Feature Management

CloudBees Feature Management is an advanced feature flagging solution that lets your development teams quickly build and deploy applications without compromising on safety. By providing a gradual release mechanism and a simple way to define target audiences, CloudBees Feature Management allows developers and product managers to optimize feature releases and customize the user experience. CloudBees Feature Management gives teams control over features that are in staging, production, or any environment in the deployment pipeline.

2021-11-03: New organization selection capability

The new organization selection capability allows a single user to become a member of multiple organizations.

Users can now access any organization that they are a member of from the account menu without signing out. A separate username and password is no longer required.

For more information, refer to Managing teams and permissions.

2021-09-28: New Jenkins integration capability

Jenkins integration is a Preview feature.

The CloudBees Feature Management Jenkins plugin allows users to create, update, or delete feature flag configurations as a part of build steps within the continuous integration workflows.

The plugin communicates via the REST API to enable the required task for a feature flag configuration to be automated within Jenkins.

For more information, refer to Integrating with Jenkins.

2021-09-06: New European Union (EU) hosting capability

CloudBees Feature Management customers now have the option to host data on CloudBees servers located in Ireland. By providing both EU and US servers, this capability can increase speed, reliability, security, and privacy, as well as support regulatory and business compliance requirements designated to the respective user locations.

With EU hosting enabled, the following data related to CloudBees Feature Management is stored on EU servers:

  • Applications

  • Environments

  • Flags

  • Target groups

  • Audit logs

EU hosting is currently only available using JavaScript, .NET, and Java SDKs.

For more information, refer to European Union (EU) Hosting.

2021-08-26: New proxy capability for CloudBees Feature Management

Applications using the CloudBees Feature Management service do so through one of the CloudBees Feature Management SDKs.

The SDKs need to connect across the public internet to the CloudBees Feature Management service for multiple reasons, for example, to get feature flag configurations and to upload impression data. This can be a problem for application code running inside a closed/secured network, where direct access to the public internet is blocked, such as for security reasons.

To help with this, CloudBees Feature Management provides a proxy created specifically to allow application code, using one of the CloudBees Feature Management SDKs, to proxy all network traffic to the CloudBees Feature Management backend services.

For more information, refer to A proxy for CloudBees Feature Management.

2021-08-18: New approval request capability

In many cases feature flags change the production environment or other regulated environments. By default, flag changes do not require a review or an approval within the tool before they are released.

Approval requests for CloudBees Feature Management provide the ability for changes to be reviewed and approved before they are implemented. This capability allows companies that require a higher level of governance to enforce change management policies and to stay compliant with SOC and SOX requirements.

Approval requests also provide the ability for read-only users to create a new feature flag for the default audience and submit it for approval. This is possible because flag changes do not go live without approval from an administrator, or a colleague with write permissions.

For more information, refer to Approval requests.

2021-06-01: New webhook capability

Webhook capability

Webhooks, also referred to as user-defined HTTP callbacks, allow you to create real-time notifications that are triggered when an event happens in CloudBees Feature Management.

Webhooks can be configured to listen to events within a specific environment or all environments. For more information, refer to Configuring webhooks in CloudBees Feature Management.

2021-04-14: Updates to feature flags in environments dashboard

  • Added feature flags status to the Environments overview

  • Bug fixes and general performance improvements, including resolving issues for user management

2021-02-26: Updates to REST API, filtering

  • Added filtering to the Environments overview

  • Added Delete Flag and Patch Flag for the REST API

  • Bug fixes and general performance improvements, including resolving issues for user management

2021-02-03: .Net SDK V5.0.1

Released .Net SDK V5.0.1. Refer to the .Net changelog for details.

2021-01-20: Updates to REST API, UI improvements, bug fixes

  • Added Flags to the REST API

  • Improved backward compatibility for the REST API

  • Added the Create Flag button on the Flags overview screen

  • Added the sortable Flag Create column to the Flags overview screen

  • Updates to the REST API documentation

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

2021-01-05: .Net SDK V5

Released .Net SDK V5. Refer to the .Net changelog for details.

2020-12-23: PHP V4.7.4

Released PHP SDK V4.7.4. Refer to the PHP changelog for details.