Optimize Continuous Integration Resources

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Who needs it?

Anyone who is responsible for cloud spend and infrastructure resources and wants to reduce costs and increase efficiencies across their software development and delivery.

The problem

As software organizations grow, so do the number of controllers and agents. What typically happens in large organizations is multiple controllers are heavily used during working hours, and then sit idle during non-working hours. The idle controllers still cost the same even though they’re not being used. Similarly, static agents where the work has been completed can sit entirely unused and still occupy valuable infrastructure resources. Without the ability to load balance overtaxed controllers and remove unused static agents, these resources can passively increase cloud spending and infrastructure resources. Large-scale organizations can end up paying significant amounts of money for idle and unused resources.

CloudBees can help

We know how shocking that cloud infrastructure bill can be when it comes at the end of the month. That’s why we’ve created an easy way to optimize your resource utilization and reduce your cloud infrastructure bill. Now, with the flip of a switch, you can automatically set your controllers to hibernate when they’re idle and automatically destroy agents after the work is complete. No more idle controllers increasing computing costs and no more unused agents sitting around costing you to just store data.

The solution

Optimization of resource utilization enables you to only pay for the metered infrastructure resources you are using and to utilize your resources efficiently. You are empowered to set your controllers to automatically hibernate and spin down when they are idle, so you only pay for controllers when you’re actually using them. You can also set up your agents to be ephemeral. This frees your resources for more Jenkins agents or non-CI workloads by only building agents as needed, and when the work is completed, an unused agent will be automatically destroyed.

How we do it better

Our optimization solution is uniquely cloud native and custom built to manage Jenkins at scale, by Jenkins experts.

Use cases

This enables you to control cloud spend and optimize your infrastructure resources.