CI tool integration

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When you create an account in CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS, you are given the option to integrate an existing CI tool. For onboarding, CI tool options are limited to Jenkins open-source automation server, CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center (CJOC), and CloudBees CI, but you can configure other CI tools after onboarding.

You can choose either public or private access for your CI tool:

  • Choose Public access if the CI tool instance is accessible from the internet, and configure your tool with a username and either an API token or a password.

  • Choose Private access if the CI tool instance is behind a firewall and an outbound call to the CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS server is possible. You must install the CloudBees Release Orchestration plugin.

Onboarding CI integration
Figure 1. Connecting to a CI tool during onboarding
You can select Skip Setup to access the main CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS navigation and configure CI tools later, in Admin  Tool Settings. Refer to Continuous integration for more information.

To configure your CI tool during onboarding:

  1. Select the Tool Type from the two options.

  2. If you have selected CloudBees CI, Do you have CJOC currently implemented displays. Select Yes or No accordingly.

  3. Select the Access Type from the options, and then:

    1. For Public access:

      1. Enter a Name.

      2. Enter a URL.

      3. Select your login method from the two options.

      4. Enter a Username.

      5. Enter either an API Token or a Password, according to your login method.

      6. Select Connect.

    2. For Private access:

      1. Select Download Plugin.

      2. Copy the Authentication code and paste it into your plugin installation.

      3. Select Proceed.

  4. If you selected CJOC, select the controllers you want to connect from the options, and then select Next.

Successful CI integration
Figure 2. Connected CI instance

You have configured your CI tool, as shown in Added Instances with a Green checkmark, and it is now integrated with CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS.

If you encounter errors in the integration, select the Error alert Error icon to view the logs.