CloudBees Update Center

CloudBees CIVersion: 4.85
Tier 1: Proprietary
Plugin ID: cloudbees-update-center-plugin
Minimum Jenkins required: 2.401.2-cb-2
Last released: 6 months, 22 days ago
This plugin provides Jenkins with the ability to host update centers. Administrators can ensure that teams using Jenkins use "blessed" version of plugins and binaries. Update Centers can inherit from other update centers thus making it easier to share plugins/binaries across an organization. Administrators easily setup an Update Center by adding a new job type called "Update Center" and uploading the right artifacts.
This plugin requires version 7 or later of the 'CloudBees License Manager' plugin and may require the purchase of additional use-rights from CloudBees, Inc. Click for more information
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CloudBees Update Center 4.85
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