Enabling LDAP

1 minute read

To enable LDAP, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the following directory on the Cluster Manager server: <ECloud install>/<arch>/conf

  2. Make a copy of the ldap_template.xml file if you intend to use LDAP, or the ad_template.xml file if you prefer to use Active Directory. Save the copy in the conf directory as any name you choose or use the name: securityContext.xml.

  3. Still working in conf, open the accelerator.properties file.

  4. Locate the following commented-out text string: #ACCELERATOR_SECURITY_CONTEXT_FILES=conf/securityContext.xml

  5. If you did not name your template copy securityContext.xml, replace securityContext.xml with the filename you chose.

  6. Uncomment the ACCELERATOR_SECURITY_…​ text string by removing the lead “ ” sign.

  7. Comment out ACCELERATOR_SECURITY_CONTEXT_FILES= (which immediately follows the line you uncommented).

  8. Update your own copy of the LDAP template with your LDAP configuration details.

  9. Restart the Cluster Manager.

  10. After the Cluster Manager is running, log in to the Cluster Manager UI as “admin”.

  11. Go to Administration > Permissions.

  12. Click Enable User.

  13. Search for “*”.

If you set it up correctly, all LDAP users are visible.