Database configuration

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Before converting to an external database using MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle, ensure the database is up and running correctly. (CloudBees bundles MariaDB and installs it as the default local database on the Cluster Manager.)

  • For Oracle, ensure that when you create a user, Roles has Resource added.

  • For Microsoft SQL Server, ensure that when you create a user, Server Roles has sysadmin (or another server role that allows the necessary actions) enabled.

    1. Fill in the fields as follows:

Field Description

Database Name

Database instance name.

Database Type

MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle.

Host Name

Machine name where the database is installed.


Database port number. The default port is filled in automatically after Database Type is selected. Type a different port number if applicable.

User Name

Unique name of the user that is used to access the database.

Password and Confirm

Enter your password and again to confirm.

The Cluster Manager tests the database connection before saving If the connection is unsuccessful, an error appears, and is not saved.

  1. Re-import your license.

  2. Restart the Cluster Manager service.

After changing the database type, your original database service might continue to start each time the Cluster Manager service starts. Manually disable the database service.