Setting up email notification

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To configure the Cluster Manager to send email notifications through SMTP, define your SMTP connection properties. SMTP connection properties are contained in The following properties must be defined:

Property Description


The name of the SMTP mail server.


The mail server port. Typically, this is ‘25’ for SMTP or ‘465’ for Secure SMTP.


The mail server protocol. This can be ‘smtp’ for SMTP or ‘smtps’ for Secure SMTP.

If your mail server requires an authenticated user to send mail, you must also set the following properties:

Property Description


The user name required for authentication.


The password to use for authentication.


This example sets up the Cluster Manager to send mail as the 'cm' user through the server listening for SMTP connections on port 25.

After making changes to the mail configuration, you must restart the Cluster Manager service. For more information, see Stopping, Starting, or Restarting the Cluster Manager Service.

Configuring the mail policy

On the Administration > Server Settings page, you can configure various aspects of the global email notification policy. Cluster Manager sends mail notifications when messages are added to the message log. The following settings control how and when mail is sent:

Setting Description

Email Interval

The number of minutes between email notifications.

Email Item Limit

The maximum number of messages that will be sent in a single email at the end of each interval. If more messages than the limit arrive, they are ignored.

Email From

The name you use in the ‘From’ line in the email header.

Email Prefix

A string prepended to every subject line of each outgoing email. This string can be used to assist with mail filtering.

User email preferences

Each user that logs in to the Cluster Manager web interface can configure which mail notifications to receive. By default, a user receives no email notifications.

For users to configure their own mail notifications (for messages and build completions), they must have Modify permission defined in the User field on the Permissions page. The administrator can edit a user’s permission on the Administration > Permissions page. By default, the User field is set to None.

To receive notifications about messages in the message log:

  1. Go to the Messages > Message Policies page.

  2. Select the Watch Messages checkbox to enable message notifications. Watch Level controls the minimum severity level of messages that generate a notification.

To receive notifications when builds complete, go to the Builds > Build Classes page. For each build class in the list, select the checkbox in the Notify column to control whether the current user is notified when a build of that class completes. Users can selectively enable notifications for a set of build classes that interest them.