Uninstalling CloudBees Build Acceleration on Linux

1 minute read

The uninstaller removes all CloudBees Build Acceleration components (including the Visual Studio Integration) as well as the installation directory and its contents from a machine at the same time. This includes the software itself, build information, and installation preferences from the prior installation.

  1. Sign in as root.

  2. Change to the tmp directory by entering # cd /tmp

  3. Copy the uninstaller to the /tmp directory by entering # cp /opt/ecloud/uninstall-accelerator /tmp

  4. Invoke the uninstaller in console mode by entering ./uninstall-accelerator /mode console

    The following message appears:

    This will completely remove CloudBees Build Acceleration from your system. Are you sure you want to do this? [n/Y]
  5. Enter y to confirm the uninstallation.

    The following message appears:

    A full uninstall will remove all leftover files, including other packages such as CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight. Perform a full uninstall [y/N]
  6. Enter y or n.

    The following message appears:

    Back up local database [y/N]
  7. Enter y or n.

    No second opportunity to confirm the uninstall request is displayed. The uninstall begins immediately.

    An Uninstall complete message appears when CloudBees Build Acceleration is removed.

  8. Check the /etc/sysconfig/ecagent.conf directory and remove the file ecagent.conf if you want to delete all CloudBees Build Acceleration files.

    If the EFS is already installed and then you perform an agents-only installation, uninstalling the agents afterward will unload the EFS and LOFS modules from the kernel. To reload the modules, enter:

    sudo /etc/init.d/ecfs restart