Changing the disk cache directory and agent temporary storage location

1 minute read

The same location is used for the disk cache directory and agent temporary storage.

You can use one of two methods.

  • Use the agent’s ecconfig command to change the location for one agent:

ecconfig -tempdir <newtempdir>

where <newtempdir> is the new directory.

  • Run the clusterexec command on either the Cluster Manager or the build server to change all agents at once:

clusterexec --cm=<YOURCM> ecconfig -tempdir <newtempdir>


  • <YOURCM> is your Cluster Manager host name

  • <newtempdir> is the new directory. Specify a full PATH to the directory that you want to use. Each agent on the host creates a unique subdirectory within the disk cache/temporary storage location, so that they do not conflict with each other. The path specified for -tempdir must already exist. On Linux and UNIX, the path must have permissions that let build users create temporary files. Also, on Linux, this directory must not be a symbolic link. On Windows, agent users must have permission to create temporary files, because the eMake client user is not impersonated.

Then you must restart the agents for your changes to take effect:

clusterexec --cm=<YOURCM> restartAgent

After specifying a different disk cache/temporary storage location, you can switch back to the default location at any time. To do this, use ecconfig -tempdir with an empty string [""] as the location.