Job Cache Misses report

1 minute read

The Job Cache Misses report provides a summary of the causes of cache misses for any job using job caching: jobs using gcc (for the JobCache feature) or jobs using the parse avoidance feature.

JobCache lets a build avoid recompiling object files that it previously built, if their inputs have not changed. For more information about JobCache, see the Job Caching.

Parse avoidance lets a build almost eliminate makefile parse time by caching and reusing parse result files, if their inputs have not changed.

This report finds files that caused cache misses, counts the number of jobs missed because of changes in each file (such as modified file contents) and displays what changed. This report lists the files that caused misses, how many misses each file caused, and which misses each file caused.

The report requires


To see the list of jobs that were cache misses because of changes to a specific file, click the file. Following is a list of misses for a file named RegistryOperation.h:

The sum of the miss counts might not equal the total number of jobs with cache misses, because when a job has a miss because of two or more files, it increases the miss counts for each of those files. For example, if two files each cause misses for two different jobs, a count of two is displayed for each file.