Migrate your CloudBees CI instance on OpenShift to Helm

1 minute read

To migrate your existing CloudBees CI installation to Helm:

  1. Back up your operations center and $JENKINS_HOME directory.

  2. Delete your existing operations center:

    $ oc delete -f cloudbees-ci.yml (1)
    1 Substitute the name of your most recently customized CloudBees CI YAML file for cloudbees-ci.yml.
  3. OpenShift does not delete Persistent Volume Claims (PVC)s, so the CloudBees CI Helm chart can reuse this existing PVC in the new installation. Retrieve the PVC name:

    $ oc get pvc jenkins-home-cjoc-0 NAME STATUS VOLUME CAPACITY ACCESS MODES STORAGECLASS AGE jenkins-home-cjoc-0 Bound pvc-6d3b2db6-62b5-11e9-9b26-0e7bd6f0258e 20Gi RWO gp2 30d
  4. Use the same cjoc statefulset name that was previously used.

  5. Using either a custom values file or the helm install --set argument, set the value field Persistence.ExistingClaim to jenkins-home-cjoc-0 for the PVC.

  6. Once your CloudBees CI migration has completed, sign in to your operations center with your previous passwords.

For more information on running CloudBees CI on Kubernetes, refer to CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms administration guide.