CloudBees Analytics

Version:Starting with 10.1.0

Who needs it?

System Administrators, shared services, and release infrastructure teams who are responsible for ensuring the uptime, availability, and overall health of the CI infrastructure.

The problem

Systems today are more distributed, more dynamic, and more complex than ever before. Despite the rise of third-party infrastructure monitoring tools, teams don’t have a prescribed way of measuring and obtaining insights on the health of their Jenkins controllers to prevent unplanned downtimes and failures. Currently, this knowledge is exclusively obtained from CloudBees support and is a tedious and manual effort.

CloudBees can help

Customers are constantly looking for ways to cut down build times, reduce infrastructure costs and improve their development teams' software delivery cadence and efficiency.

At CloudBees, we have unique knowledge that will help infrastructure teams address vital questions around Jenkins scalability, plugin usage, and pipeline issues. This data provides improved pipeline visibility, eases the diagnosis of system issues, and identifies problems before users even know they exist.

The solution

Analytics provides out-of-the-box real-time insights to help monitor, measure, and optimize your CI builds and infrastructure. With these new actionable insights, you can enhance your build performance, right-size your workloads over demand cycles, prevent unplanned downtimes, get a holistic view of your plugin usage across all your pipeline jobs, and lots more.

Analytics include 2 dashboards that are centrally managed:

  • Workload Insights

    Workload Insights show historical workload growth across demand cycles. Infrastructure teams can spot patterns, capacity issues, and unexpected spikes around system/controller health, enabling the admin to take preventative measures.

  • Plugin Usage

    Teams can track and monitor usage of your plugins across all your Freestyle and Pipeline jobs, prioritize your most used plugins for upgrade activity, and review and audit all unused plugins.

These dashboards provide shared services with predictability and reliability, allowing them to proactively improve the overall CI infrastructure.

How we do it better

CloudBees has unique CI metrics and insights that cannot be found elsewhere and this helps you compare controller health and performance analytics at step level for CI/Jenkins pipeline. You do not need any external connectivity or manual configuration to access it. No more context switching with 3rd party monitoring tools. Turbocharge your software delivery process.

Use cases

CloudBees Software Delivery Automation benefits infrastructure teams that need:

  1. Real-time insights

    To develop a deeper understanding of the health of your CI infrastructure. This includes:

    1. Identifying underlying problems in controllers' health.

    2. Optimization opportunities in controller jobs.

    3. Detecting under or over utilization patterns within the current infrastructure.

    4. Monitoring health and usage of the installed plugin base.

  2. CI Pipeline visibility

    To monitor, predict, and improve the overall operational and business impacts.

  3. Continuous optimization

    To proactively reduce operational complexities, costs, and performance bottlenecks by managing your resources like controllers, builds, and plugins efficiently.