Managing alternative emails

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CloudBees Software Delivery Automation maintains the primary and any alternate email addresses for a given user. This list is available to a signed-in user via their user profile. To view the user profile select <user name> Profile in the upper right corner of the CloudBees Software Delivery Automation UI.

Figure 1. The profile for Mary Jones, who has a primary and one alternative email address.

Managing alternative email addresses

  • To add one or more alternative email addresses to the list, select the + in the upper right side of the page.

  • To modify an existing alternative email address on the list, select Edit from the Actions menu at the right of the entry.

Verifying email addresses

All email addresses associated with a given user must be verified so the user is counted once regardless of any alternative email addresses they may have.

Verification steps include:

  1. Once an address is added or modified, a verification email is automatically sent to the user requesting their verification.

    Figure 2. Sample verification request email.
  2. The user selects Verify email in the email to complete the verification.

  3. The verification is sent back to the system and recorded.

  4. Email verification is noted with a green checkmark on the entry in the user profile.