CloudBees CI release highlights

What’s new in CloudBees CI 2.401.1.3

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New features

Initial release of Branch/Tag support for Configuration as Code for controller bundles (BEE-32075)

The CloudBees CasC Server plugin 2.0 introduces bundle branch and tag support. Previously released as a Preview feature, branch and tag support is now fully supported. Refer to Updating a CasC bundle for a controller for more information.

New CloudBees HashiCorp Vault plugin (BEE-24284, BEE-33229, BEE-32560, BEE-34990, BEE-34449)

The CloudBees HashiCorp Vault plugin enables a new credential store type for CloudBees CI. Credentials are stored in a remote HashiCorp Vault instance and secrets are accessed on demand. With this plugin, you can manage credentials in a centralized location for all of your controllers. CloudBees HashiCorp Vault plugin supports multiple namespaces at the global provider level and at the folder level. For more information, refer to CloudBees HashiCorp Vault Plugin.

Feature enhancements

Enhance RemoveStrategy with the ability to delete Configuration as Code (CasC) items (BEE-31364, BEE-31365, BEE-31366, BEE-31700, BEE-31701, BEE-33935, BEE-33827)

RemoveStrategy now allows you to delete CasC items. For more information, refer to Creating a CasC bundle for controllers or Creating a CasC bundle for the operations center.

Beekeeper exceptions with Configuration as Code installs the version in the envelope and offers the update to the exception (BEE-331699)

Now when using Beekeeper exceptions with CasC, the plugin version of the exception is installed and upgrades the plugin version in the envelope.

Resolved issues

Disabling CloudBees Analytics Plugin via system property is not reflected in the UI (BEE-3441)

When the data collection from the CloudBees Analytics Plugin was disabled via the system property, it was not reflected in the UI.

When the CloudBees Analytics Plugin is disabled via the system property, the UI now reflects that it is disabled and the field is read only.

Updated WebhookNotificationEndpoints because the l:expandButton tag was removed in Jenkins-2.396 (BEE-33784)

The l:expandButton tag is no longer be used in WebhookNotificationEndpoints.

Use the f:advanced tag to open a section with the configuration to create a new endpoint.

License agreement checkbox is not enabled when selected (BEE-33678)

Users were unable to select the License agreement checkbox on the CloudBees CI evaluation license page.

This issue has been fixed.

Controllers located inside folder do not display the Configuration as Code bundle validation log (BEE-33706)

When a controller is located inside a folder, the Configuration as Code bundle validation log section was not displayed.

This issue is resolved and the section is properly displayed.

Exported Configuration as Code items from Pipeline Templates treats all attributes as strings (BEE-27396)

When exporting a pipeline with CasC boolean values, those values are used as strings instead of boolean.

This issue is resolved.

The allowCapExceptions in the bundle descriptor does not enable Beekeeper exceptions in the controller (BEE-33168)

The allowCapExceptions property was being read directly from the bundle, but not incorporated as part of the raw or effective bundle descriptor. The only way to enable the exception was to directly assign a bundle to a controller manually. However, it did not work when serving the bundles from operations center.

This issue is resolved. Bundles now incorporate that field in the descriptor so exceptions can be allowed.

A Controller without an assigned branch and bundle prevent the operations center from starting (BEE-33536)

The operations center now starts when it has client controllers without a branch and bundle.

Secrets contained in CloudBees Configuration as Code support components (BEE-32489)

The CloudBees support bundle contained a CasC bundle with credentials that were not redacted.

This issue is resolved. The CasC bundle is now removed from the support bundle.

Exception error during operations center startup (BEE-34508)

During operations center startup, multiple controllers would return an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error.

The issue is resolved.

Using variables to specify LogRotator values breaks Configuration as Code items (BEE-27953)

When using LogRotator with CasC, the usage of variables (variables.yam) fails.

This issue is resolved.

Configuration as Code stops working when using a variable as boolean (BEE-27952)

When using a variable as boolean (instead of String), CasC stops accepting configuration files, therefore not starting up.

This issue is resolved.

Known issues

Duplicate Pipeline Template Catalogs in the Configuration as Code jenkins.yaml file on each instance restart (BEE-12722)

If a Pipeline Template Catalog is configured in the CasC jenkins.yaml file and the id property is not defined, the catalog is duplicated on each instance restart and in the exported CasC configuration.

Upgrade notes

CloudBees CasC Server plugin 2.0 upgrade (BEE-32075)

The CloudBees CasC Server plugin 2.0 upgrade introduces bundle branch and tag support. The plugin update changes the folder structure within JENKINS_HOME that stores the Configuration as Code for controller bundles. Due to the change to this folder structure, your existing bundles must be migrated. For more information on migrating your bundles, refer to Migrating Bundles.

Jenkins CLI auth with username/password fails after 2.401.x (BEE-40827)

Username/password authentication is no longer supported for use on the Jenkins CLI on a connected controller when the operations center single sign-on (SSO) is in use. Instead, create an API token on the operations center.