Create or Edit Cloud Credentials

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Supply (for new credentials) or review and edit (for existing credentials) the following:

  • Name —User-defined name for this credential.

  • Description— User-defined description.

  • Type —Choose EC2 ` or `Kubernetes.

For AWS EC2 clusters, as supplied with your EC2 account:

  • Region —Named set of AWS resources in the same geographical area. A region comprises at least two Availability Zones.

  • AWS Access Key ID —Access key ID, which is the unique identifier that is associated with a secret access key. The access key ID and the secret access key are used together to sign programmatic AWS requests cryptographically.

  • AWS Secret Key —Secret access key, which is used in conjunction with the access key ID to cryptographically sign programmatic AWS requests. Signing a request identifies the sender and prevents request alteration. You can generate secret access keys for your AWS account, individual IAM users, and temporary sessions.

For Kubernetes clusters, as supplied with your Kubernetes account:

  • Kubernetes API Endpoint—The endpoint at which the Kubernetes API is reachable. This must be an IP address or a resolvable DNS name in the form: https://ip_address:port_number.

  • User Name —(Optional) The AccountService user who owns the bearer token.

  • Kubernetes Bearer token— Service account bearer token for a service account that has permissions to create resources in the Kubernetes cluster.

If you have entered a new credential or updated an existing one, click Test Connection to verify the credential.

Click OK to return to the Cloud page.