Overview section

1 minute read

The Overview section displays the following build information:

  • Build ID and whether it was successful

  • Build duration

  • Number of makes in the build

  • Number of agents and hosts used by the build

  • Number of jobs in the build

  • Annotation details collected in the build

Keep in mind the following terminology:

  • Each makefile has one or more rules (lines of text).

  • A target is the rule output.

  • A command is a single shell invocation in a rule .

  • A job corresponds to a rule scheduled as part of a build—in most cases.

  • There are jobs that parse a makefile. Jobs also have status—possible status values include normal , conflict , rerun , reverted , and skipped . For more details about job status, see Supported Search Fields .

You can hide the Overview, Legend, and Job Summary sections, by clicking the gray bar between those sections and the Agents & Jobs section. Click it again to show the hidden sections.