Known Issues

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Installation and Upgrade Known Issues

  • Because of an issue with previous versions’ uninstallers, an upgrade might cause the following error message: Cannot find script file: C:\ECloud\i686_win32\bin\unregaddin.vbs.

    You can ignore this message.

  • Make sure you finish all Visual Studio installations before installing the Visual Studio IDE Integration.

    Adding a new language to an existing Visual Studio installation with the Visual Studio IDE Integration already installed causes Visual Studio to display an empty Accelerator menu. The workaround is to reinstall the integration.

ecdevenv Known Issues

  • If up-to-date check is enabled, custom build steps do not rebuild if the output is missing.

  • Order-only prerequisites are turned off automatically when up-to-date check is enabled.

  • In Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and later, projects that contain custom build rules are not parallelized at the project item level.

  • LightSwitch projects are not supported.

  • UWP projects are not supported.

  • For Visual Studio 2010 and later, the MSBuild item metadata syntax is not supported for C++ build events (pre-build, pre-link, and post-build events).

    The workaround is to substitute the variables with actual values or use ECADDIN_DONT_PARSE_PROJECT to build the project with MSBuild.

  • Visual Studio 2008 builds might break or might not be optimized after you upgrade from an earlier version.

    For instructions to work around this issue, see the knowledge base article KBEA-00065 - The build breaks after upgrading to Visual Studio 2008 .

  • You might encounter a build error such as Invalid macro invocation '$'.

    This is caused by an NMAKE limitation that treats the dollar sign ( $ ) as a special character that precedes a macro name. You cannot use ( $ ) in a preprocessor definition unless there is an even number of ( $ ) symbols. The workaround is to not use the single dollar sign ( $ ) or specify it by using a double dollar sign ( $$ ).