Uninstalling CloudBees Accelerator on Linux or Solaris

1 minute read
  1. Log in as root.

  2. Change to the tmp directory by entering # cd /tmp

  3. Copy the uninstaller to the /tmp directory by entering # cp /opt/ecloud/uninstall-accelerator /tmp

  4. Invoke the uninstaller in console mode by entering ./uninstall-accelerator /mode console

The following message appears:

This will completely remove ElectricAccelerator Huddle from your system.  Are you sure you want to do this? [n/Y]
  1. Enter y to confirm the uninstallation.

The following message appears:

A full uninstall will remove all leftover files, including other packages such as ElectricInsight.
Perform a full uninstall [y/N]
  1. Enter y or n.

The following message appears:

Back up local database [y/N]
  1. Enter y or n.

No second opportunity to confirm the uninstall request is displayed. The uninstall begins immediately.

An Uninstall complete message appears when Accelerator is removed.

  1. Check the /etc/sysconfig/ecagent.conf directory (for Linux) or /etc/ecagent.conf directory (for Solaris) and remove the file ecagent.conf if you want to delete all Accelerator files.

If the EFS is already installed and then you perform an agents-only installation, uninstalling the agents afterward will unload the EFS and LOFS modules from the kernel. To reload the modules, enter:
sudo /etc/init.d/ecfs restart