CloudBees is pleased to announce the v2023.02.0 release of CloudBees CD/RO. In this release, CloudBees introduces the following security updates, new features, and enhancements.

Security updates

This release includes several upgrades to address potential vulnerabilities.

Feature updates

CGI module removed

CloudBees has removed the CGI module, which was used for publishArtifacts in the UI and for the Jenkins CloudBees CD plugin.

PHP now controls UI file upload limits

UI file upload limits are now controlled by PHP in /opt/cloudbees/sda/apache/conf/php.ini.

After you upgrade your CloudBees CD/RO server to v2023.02.0, you must also upgrade any external CloudBees CD/RO web servers.

Automatic navigation to the applicable CloudBees CD/RO feature when executing a Service catalog item template

The end-target navigation specified in the endTargetJson field has been enhanced to include navigation to all Service catalog generated objects. Now when you run a self-service catalog item, you are automatically given an option to navigate to the created object.

Enhanced methods to simplify pipeline tasks definitions

The createTask and modifyTask methods of the Pipeline API have been enhanced to simplify command pipeline tasks definitions. Use the new command, postp, and shell arguments to configure pipeline command tasks. This also allows a simpler DSL format for managing pipeline command tasks.

CloudBees continues to support the legacy format for backward compatibility. generateDsl will use the new format when generating DSL for command tasks.

Kubernetes v1.25 support

CloudBees CD/RO now supports Kubernetes v1.25 and has been tested on AKS and GKE.

OpenShift v4.10 and 4.11 support

CloudBees CD/RO now supports OpenShift versions 4.10 and 4.11 with updated Helm chart configurations in the default values files.

Deprecated support for Kubernetes Pod Security Policies

CloudBees CD/RO now supports Kubernetes v1.25. As a result, support for Kubernetes Pod Security Policies is now deprecated in CloudBees CD/RO 2023.02.0 Helm charts.

UI improvements

This release includes UI improvements for the following CloudBees CD/RO features:

  • Condensed breadcrumb folder

  • Set release planned start and end times in the Release editor UI

  • Updated pipeline audit reports to conform to the new UI look and feel


CloudBees continuously develops and improves integration plugins, which support third-party tools used across DevOps processes. With this release, CloudBees introduces Azure CLI, Azure DevOps, and BringYourOwnDeployer plugins.

Version update required for the Jenkins CloudBees CD plugin

CloudBees removed the CGI scripts in the Jenkins CloudBees CD plugin with v1.1.30. Starting with CloudBees CD/RO v2023.02.0, to continue using the Jenkins CloudBees CD plugin with features that include publishArtifacts, you must upgrade to v1.1.30.

Legacy platform plugin manager deprecation

The plugin manager built into the legacy CloudBees CD/RO Commander UI is deprecated starting with release 2023.02.0. CloudBees strongly recommends that you migrate to the new plugin manager. To use the new plugin manager, your plugins must align with the CloudBees plugin development kit (PDK) configuration model and contain the plugin configuration as a first class object.

New Azure CLI plugin

The Azure CLI plugin allows you to run Azure CLI commands as part of your CloudBees CD/RO environment and can be used to create and manage many Azure CLI resources.

New Azure DevOps plugin

Azure DevOps is an extension for the Azure CLI that allows you to manage many Azure DevOps Services from the command line.

New BringYourOwnDeployer plugin

The BringYourOwnDeployer plugin is a demo plugin released to the CloudBees GitHub community plugin repository. This plugin allows you to provide details about artifacts being deployed and undeployed using CloudBees CD/RO’s third-party deployment inventory interface.

Download instructions

  • Download CloudBees CD/RO at CloudBees Downloads.

  • Release notes and product documentation are available for CloudBees CD/RO.

Supported configurations

CloudBees CD/RO v2023.02.0 now supports OpenShift versions 4.10 and 4.11 with updated Helm chart configurations in the default values files.

CloudBees CD/RO v2023.02.0 now supports Kubernetes v1.25 with updated Helm chart configurations in the default values files. v2023.02.0 has been tested using Kubernetes v1.25 on AKS and GKE.

Kubernetes Pod Security Standards

As part of Kubernetes v1.25 support, CloudBees CD/RO v2023.02.0 now supports Kubernetes Pod Security Standards (PSS).

For a complete list of supported platforms and configurations for CloudBees CD/RO, refer to:


Upgrades to CloudBees CD/RO v2023.02.0 LTS are supported from CloudBees CD/RO 9.x, 10.0.x, 10.1.x, 10.2.x, 10.3.x, 10.4.x, 10.5.x, 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x, 10.10.x, and 10.11.x versions. For complete installation instructions, refer to Install CloudBees CD/RO on traditional platforms and CloudBees CD/RO on Kubernetes.

CloudBees Support

You can contact CloudBees Support with questions related to this release by visiting CloudBees Support and submitting a support request. You can provide product feedback at CloudBees feedback.