Supported platforms for CloudBees CD/RO on Kubernetes

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This topic provides supported platform information for CloudBees CD/RO deployments on Kubernetes. Consult platform notes for additional implementation information about these platforms.

If you are looking for information about CloudBees CD/RO on traditional platforms, refer to Supported platforms for CloudBees CD/RO on traditional platforms.

CloudBees supports the following Kubernetes distribution providers:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

  • OpenShift

  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

Container services

Kubernetes versions may be deprecated on various platforms but not yet updated in the following information. It is recommended to migrate to newer versions of both the platform Kubernetes version and CloudBees CD/RO as they are released. For more information on which CloudBees CD/RO versions are supported, refer to CloudBees maintenance lifecycle policies.
Kubernetes container service 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9 10.10 10.11 2023.02.0

AKS 1.25.x

AKS 1.24.x

AKS 1.23.x

AKS 1.22.x

AKS 1.21.x

AKS 1.20.x

AKS 1.19.x

AKS 1.18.14

AKS 1.17.16

Amazon EKS 1.24.x

Amazon EKS 1.23.x

Amazon EKS 1.22.x

Amazon EKS 1.21.x

Amazon EKS 1.20.x

Amazon EKS 1.19.x

Amazon EKS 1.18.9

Amazon EKS 1.17.12

Amazon EKS 1.16.15

AWS Fargate 1.21

GKE 1.25.x

GKE 1.24.x

GKE 1.23.x

GKE 1.22.x

GKE 1.21.x

GKE 1.20.x

GKE 1.19.x

GKE 1.18.x

GKE 1.17.x

GKE 1.16.x

OpenShift 4.11.x

OpenShift 4.10.x

OpenShift 4.9.x

OpenShift 4.7.x

OpenShift 4.5.x

ROSA 4.9.x

Helm 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9 10.10 10.11 2023.02.0

Helm 3, version 3.1.0 or later

  • CloudBees supports only production releases of Helm: RC, beta, patch, or experimental releases of Helm are not supported.


Refer to the table below for a complete list of the officially supported databases for CloudBees CD/RO:

Databases must be configured to use UTF-8 encoding and must allow up to 200 open connections.
Platform 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9 10.10 10.11 2023.02.0

MySQL 8.0 1 4

MySQL 5.7 or later 1

MS SQL Server 2019

MS SQL Server 2017

MS SQL Server 2016

MS SQL Server 2014














MS SQL Server 2012 R4














Oracle 19c

Oracle 18c

Oracle 12c

PostgreSQL 14

PostgreSQL 13 4

PostgreSQL 12

MariaDB 3

1 Clean installations of the CloudBees CD/RO server require the MySQL JDBC driver. For upgrades, additions to my.cnf/my.ini are required. Refer to Installing the MySQL JDBC Driver.

2 As of version 9.2, CloudBees CD/RO has ended support for HTTPS connection types older than TLS 1.2. If you are using MS SQL Server 2012 or 2014, you must update it to support TLS1.2. For details, refer to the Microsoft TLS 1.2 support for Microsoft SQL Server web page.

3 The built-in MariaDB database is a supported database for production use with CloudBees Analytics for CloudBees CI, only. It continues to not be supported for production use for CloudBees CD/RO and full CloudBees Software Delivery Automation.

4 Databases that have been verified with Amazon RDS Aurora: MySQL 8.0.27 and PostgreSQL 13.4.

Supported Kubernetes platforms for CloudBees Analytics

The following criteria is required for supported Kubernetes platforms:

  • The version is Generally Available. CloudBees does not support or recommend using beta, proof of concept, or public preview versions of Kubernetes platforms.

  • The version is actively supported by the Kubernetes distribution provider. CloudBees does not support or recommend using unsupported or deprecated versions of Kubernetes platforms.

For specific supported Kubernetes platforms, refer to Supported platforms for CloudBees CD/RO on Kubernetes.

Supported Helm versions

CloudBees Analytics supports Helm version 3.1.0 or later.


CloudBees CD/RO supports the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

Web browser extensions such as AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome can interfere with the display of CloudBees CD/RO web pages. You should disable any ad-blocking browser extensions or add an exclusion for CloudBees CD/RO web pages.

Additional resources

The supported platforms page has been revised. Some information that was previously contained here now resides in different topics. Refer to the table below for more information.

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