CloudBees CD/RO server is unresponsive and displays an outofmemory error

1 minute readTroubleshooting


The CloudBees CD/RO server becomes unresponsive and displays an OutOfMemory error prompt that states that the server is out of PermGen space. This prompt occurs when the server is not configured properly for a 64-bit JVM.


Change a setting in wrapper.conf.

  1. Locate the wrapper.conf file.

    • The file to edit on Linux is /opt/cloudbees/sda/conf/wrapper.conf

    • The file to edit on Windows is <CloudBees CD/RO Automation Platform data dir>/conf/wrapper.conf

    • On Windows 7 or 2008, the DATA_DIRECTORY is typically C:\ProgramData\CloudBees\Software Delivery Automation

  2. Add the following line to the end of the existing section, being careful to use the next consecutive number.

    In the following example, 7 was the last pre-existing sequence number in this section.
You should set the Java MaxPermSize to a number greater than the default (which is 84m) on an 64-bit CloudBees CD/RO server (java) installation.
  1. After the file has been edited, restart the server to utilize the new value:

    • On Linux: /etc/init.d/commanderServer restart

    • On Windows: use “Services”