Configure repository server properties

1 minute readScalability

Additional configuration is required for any repository servers that existed before being converted to operate in a cluster or were not configured to point to a remote server location during installation.

To configure all the repository servers for clustered mode operation and give them the name of the load balancer:

  1. Locate the ecconfigure tool.

    On Linux, it is usually at /opt/cloudbees/sda/bin/ecconfigure.

    On Windows, it is usually at C:\Program Files\CloudBees\Software Delivery Automation\bin\ecconfigure.exe.

  2. Run the tool with the following option on each repository server.

    You might need to do this as root or with administrator privileges.

    ecconfigure --repositoryTargetHostName load_balancer_FQDN

    where oad_balancer_FQDN is the fully-qualified domain name of your CloudBees CD/RO server’s load balancer machine.