Configuring advanced Scripted Pipeline

1 minute read

Scripted Pipeline is a domain-specific language based on Groovy, most Groovy syntax can be used in Scripted Pipeline without modification.

Executing in parallel

The example above runs tests across two different platforms in a linear series. In practice, if the make check execution takes 30 minutes to complete, the "Test" stage would now take 60 minutes to complete!

Fortunately, Pipeline has built-in functionality for executing portions of Scripted Pipeline in parallel, implemented in the aptly named parallel step.

Refactoring the example above to use the parallel step:

// Script //
stage('Build') {
    /* .. snip .. */

stage('Test') {
    parallel linux: {
        node('linux') {
            checkout scm
            try {
                unstash 'app'
                sh 'make check'
            finally {
                junit '**/target/*.xml'
    windows: {
        node('windows') {
            /* .. snip .. */
// Declarative not yet implemented //

Instead of executing the tests on the "linux" and "windows" labelled nodes in series, they will now execute in parallel assuming the requisite capacity exists in the Jenkins environment.