New features

A Continuous Integration build audit report capability has been added to CloudBees CD/RO and CloudBees Analytics (BEE-2043)

A Continuous Integration build audit report capability has been added to CloudBees CD/RO and CloudBees Analytics to generate real-time reports of build events captured during the run of a given build or pipeline and is done in a systematic and scalable manner. This report offers the shared services owners and administrators a way to provide auditors with a comprehensive view of the pipeline audit trail in a time-saving, automated manner, thus reducing manual effort and error. The build events help trace:

REST API available for License Usage Reports

The license usage reports, licenseReport and userReport, provide visibility into an organization’s CloudBees CI usage to ensure it is compliant with its license entitlements. These reports provide an accurate list of unique CloudBees CI users across all their controllers during a time period. If you use CloudBees Software Delivery Automation, you no longer need to use the User Activity Monitoring Plugin to track user activity.

You can try out these reports via the REST API endpoint.

For more information, see License usage.

Feature enhancements

Sorting and pagination for Workload Insights

Previously, all reports were sorted by deviation. Now, you can use the up/down arrows to sort data by any of the numeric and boolean columns, such as max queue or build duration.

New pagination buttons enable you to view additional pages of data.

For more information, see CI Workload Insights.

Updated functionality in the Plugin Usage Report

You can now search by plugin name.

You can click a donut graph to drill-down into the corresponding plugins based on their status, for example unused or unsupported plugins.

For more information, see CI plugin usage.

Updated data retention property for the CloudBees Unified Data plugin

If CloudBees CI cannot send an event to CloudBees CD/RO, for example due to a network issue, it continues to attempt to send the event periodically. Previously, it attempted to send data for 24 hours. Now, it attempts to send data for up to 7 days. If the plugin cannot upload an event after 7 days, the plugin clears out the event queue and stops sending events until CloudBees CI is restarted or event collection is manually enabled again.

Known issues

In the Continuous Integration Builds screen, the Project column may be blank (BEE-4921)

In the CloudBees CD/RO and CloudBees Analytics Continuous Integration Builds screen, if a build has a Running status, the Project column may temporarily not display project information. Once the build has completed, the Project column correctly displays the project information for each build.