CloudBees is pleased to announce the v10.6 release of CloudBees CD/RO. In this release, we introduce:

UI improvements

The following CloudBees CD/RO UI improvements are included with this release.

Configurations submenu

A Configurations menu in the left navigation that replaces the Configurations page.

A search feature that allows you to access menu items in the left navigation.

Updated Administration menu items

Server Settings and System Access Control are now separate Administration menu items.

From the CloudBees CD/RO main menu, select Administration  Server Settings or Administration  System Access Control.

Triggers page

A Triggers page that allows you to view and manage all of your triggers in a central location. For more information, refer to Configure event-based triggers.

Apache Ant security update

Apache Ant was updated from 1.10.9 to 1.10.12. For details, refer to [BEE-18345]

CI teams integration

CI Teams integration that allows you to view the contents of the CI Teams folder configured on Ops Center.

VPAT Section 508 and WCAG accessibility topic

A new accessibility topic is available in the CloudBees CD/RO documentation. For more information, refer to Accessibility.

HTTPS access

The command line tools ec-groovy, ec-perl, and ectool can now use the standard https port (443) to communicate with the CloudBees CD/RO server. You no longer need to open the 8443 custom port for this communication, simplifying cloud-based installations of CloudBees CD/RO.

Parameter improvements

You can now create radio button parameters dynamically from a DSL description similar to dropdown menus. With this release, the plugin configuration dropdown menu type is now available. You can select existing plugin configurations and create new configurations from the dropdown menu.

Swagger UI SSO

When you are authenticated in CloudBees CD/RO, a separate authentication for the Swagger UI is no longer required, giving you access to the REST API documentation page and the ability to run REST API calls from this page.


We continuously develop and improve plugins used across DevOps processes.

Download instructions

  • Download CloudBees CD/RO at CloudBees Downloads.

  • Release notes and product documentation are available for CloudBees CD/RO.

Supported configurations

For a complete list of supported platforms and configurations for CloudBees CD/RO, refer to the supported platforms on traditional as well as the supported platforms on Kubernetes.


Upgrades to 10.6 LTS are supported from CloudBees CD/RO 9.x, 10.0.x, 10.1.x, 10.2.x, 10.3.x, 10.4.x, and 10.5.x versions. For complete installation instructions, refer to the Install CloudBees CD/RO on traditional platforms and CloudBees CD/RO on Kubernetes.

CloudBees Support

You can contact CloudBees Support with questions related to this release by visiting CloudBees Support and submitting a support request. You can provide product feedback at CloudBees feedback.