Viewing jobs

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This page displays all jobs in the CloudBees CD/RO system, both running and completed jobs. You can:

  • Sort the Job, Status, Elapsed Time, and Start Time columns by clicking on the column name.

  • Search for jobs and save the job search filters for later use. See Context Searching and Filtering for details about using the search capabilities on the Jobs page.

Column descriptions

  • Job —Click Job to sort the column alphabetically or click on a job name to go to that job’s Job Details page.

  • Status —Click Status to sort this column by Running, Success, Warning, Error, or Aborted.

  • Priority —Displays the job’s priority set by a "run procedure" command or by the job’s schedule.

  • Procedure —In this column you can click on a project name to go to the Project Details page or click on the procedure name to go to the Procedure Details page for that procedure.

  • Launched By —Click a name in this column to go to the page for the schedule (Edit Schedule page) or the user that ran the job.

  • Elapsed Time —Click Elapsed Time to sort the time values from longest to shortest time, or the reverse.

  • Start Time —Click Start Time to sort this column from the start time of the first job to the start time of the most recent job, or the reverse.

  • Actions —Use this column to abort a running job or delete a completed job.

    • Aborting a job requires the execute privilege on the job—not just the modify privilege. Select either OK or Force to abort the job, or Cancel if you change your mind.

    • Deleting a job on this page causes removal of job information from the CloudBees CD/RO database, but information in the job’s on-disk workspace area is not affected. You must delete workspace information manually.


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