Email Notifications

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Use email notifiers to send information to people who need or want CloudBees CD/RO notifications, whether or not they actually use CloudBees CD/RO. For example, you might want to set up an email notifier to send log file error excerpts matched by postp to a team or individual responsible for investigating the error.

This tutorial illustrates how email notifiers can be attached to steps to automatically send an email when jobs, steps, or workflows execute.

If you do not have an Email Configuration, you must create one before you can set up an email notification. An Email Configuration tells the CloudBees CD/RO server which host to use for mail delivery. Remember the email configuration name you choose because you will need it later.

To view an example procedure for this tutorial , go to the automation platform UI > Projects > EC-Tutorials- <version> , and click the procedure name.

An explanation of what you see:

  • A step named "do something" that puts a short message in the log file

  • A parameter that defines the email address for where you want to send the notification. This parameter is used as the destination value for the notifier named "start notifier". This notifier sends an email when the procedure runs.

  • An email notifier named "start notifier" with its Type specified as "onStart".

  • Click on the notifier name to view the notifier details.

  • Make sure the value in the Email Configuration field matches the email configuration name from the "Prerequisite" section above.

  • Click OK to save any changes and return to the Procedure Details page.

Click Run.

On the Run Procedure page, in the Parameters section, enter an email address, an address list, or email group name.

Click Run again to run this sample procedure and see the resulting job status on the Job Details page.


Use the following information to create an email notifier in your own project, assuming you have already setup an email configuration. Any changes you might make within this tutorial will not be saved when you upgrade CloudBees CD/RO.

Using the CloudBees CD/RO automation platform UI to add an email notifier:

  1. On the Procedure Details page, go to the Email Notifiers section, and click Create On Start Email Notifier.

  2. Enter information in the fields on the New On Start Email Notifier page.

If the Email Configuration field is left blank, the system uses the email configuration with the name default.

Click OK to save the notifier. When the procedure is run, an email notification is sent to the email addresses specified in the Destinations field. In this tutorial example, the Destinations field refers to the parameter value passed in to the procedure when it is run.

The value is referenced using the following notation: $[/myJob/Send notification email to]