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This page, https://<cloudbees-flow-server>/commander/, provides a convenient console for running jobs and viewing results.

When using the EC-Homepage plugin to share your Home page sections, you will not see certain links that are normally available. For example, if a particular Jobs Quick View category is shared, you cannot delete or modify that category. You can perform these functions only if the category belongs to you alone.

For information on sharing your Home page configuration, see Home page configurations .

Job configurations

Procedures in CloudBees CD/RO can contain complex sets of parameters— making it difficult to remember the correct parameters for a particular situation and tedious to re-enter those parameters every time the procedure is invoked. Job Configurations provide a one-click solution to this problem. When you create a job configuration, you enter all the information needed to run a procedure, including parameters or a credential. All job configurations are displayed here on the Home page. Invoke a particular configuration by clicking its name in the Job Configurations section.

Create job configurations three ways

  • On the Home page, create a job configuration from "scratch" by clicking the Create link in the Job Configurations section. In the Create Configuration pop-up menu, select the project and procedure you want to use for creating this configuration.

  • From the Job Details page for a previously invoked job, click the Save Configuration link at the top of the page. Your saved job configuration is displayed on your Home page.

  • From the Edit Schedule page, click the Save Configuration link at the top of the page. Your saved configuration is displayed on your Home page.


Use shortcuts to save frequently visited CloudBees CD/RO web pages, so those pages are immediately accessible. You can create a shortcut to any page on the web also.

Create shortcuts two ways

  • Mouse-over the "star" icon at the top of any automation platform page and click "Add current page" to add that page to the shortcut list. Mouse-over the star icon again and click "Remove current page" to remove the shortcut for that page. The star icon is yellow for pages saved as a shortcut and gray for those pages not saved as a shortcut.

  • Click the Create link in the Shortcut section and provide a name and URL to create a shortcut.

To modify or update a shortcut, click the Edit link adjacent to the shortcut you want to change.

Shortcuts can be accessed conveniently from any automation platform web page. Mousing-over the star icon displays a list of shortcuts saved by the current user. Click on a shortcut name to view the page.

The Shortcut section may contain static entries that cannot be deleted. And if you "share" your Home page, the Edit link will not be available for shared items.

Jobs quick view

Perhaps only a few jobs on this server are of interest to you. For example, you may care about jobs you launch manually and official builds for the products you work on, but you may not care about production builds for other products or personal jobs for other users.

The Jobs Quick View allows you to define job categories that are interesting to you.

The Home page displays the most recent jobs in each category, and you can easily click-through to get more details about any of those jobs. For example, clicking on a job name takes you to that job’s Job Details page.

Create a job category

  • Click the Add Category link in the Jobs Quick View section. After creating a category, results are displayed on the Home page. Clicking the Details link displays a summary to the right of the category. In addition to job status and other diagnostic information, the summary displays running steps and failed steps (containing errors and warnings).

  • Click the Modify link to edit the Jobs Quick View category or the Delete link to remove that job from the Jobs Quick View category.

  • Click on the Details link to see job summary information—the summary remains visible, regardless of mouse location, until you click somewhere else on the page.

If you "share" your Home page, the Modify and Delete links will not be available for shared items.

If you "share" your Home page, the Rename and Remove links are not available for shared items.