Defining access control entries

1 minute readAutomation

Use this page to define access control entries selected from a filtered list of CloudBees CD/RO users, groups, or projects, or by providing an explicit name.

The following instructions are generic. For example, if you choose Add User, the Filter field is labeled User Filter.
Field Name Description

Radio selector

Select either Search for existing…​ or Provide explicit …​ name.

Providing an explicit name bypasses the search and allows you to enter an arbitrary name.


Enter a partial name to retrieve a list of all users/groups/projects that include the partial name you supplied.

Include Inactive

User/Group only: Use this checkbox only if requesting external LDAP or Active Directory providers.

  • If selected, all available users or groups are returned.

  • If not selected, only those users or groups known to the CloudBees CD/RO server are returned, for example, users who have logged in or groups containing users who have logged in.

Select OK to retrieve your information. If you entered filter criteria, the page refreshes with a list of matches. Select any row in this table to create an access control entry for that principal.

Column descriptions

  • Name: The name of the user, group, or project.

  • Location: The name combined with the location is the unique identifier for this user or group, local to the CloudBees CD/RO server. It is only viewable for users or groups from non-local directory providers.