Active Users

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This page displays all users known to this CloudBees CD/RO server, including users defined locally within the server and those defined in external repositories such as LDAP or ActiveDirectory.

Active Users are those persons who have logged into CloudBees CD/RO, although if a another user views a selection of user accounts, those users [viewed] will appear on the Active Users page also.

Click the Show Inactive Users link to go to the All Users web page—this page lists all users: local, LDAP or Active Directory, active, or inactive. If you delete an LDAP or Active Directory user from this [Active Users] page, the user will not be deleted from the All Users page.

  • To edit local user content, click on the user name you want to modify.

  • To create a new local user, click the Create Local User link at the top, right-side of the table.

  • To delete a local user, click the Delete link in the Action column for that user.

  • Click the "star" icon at the top, right-side of the table if you want to add this page to your Shortcut section on the Home page.

While you can view external user content, you must go to the LDAP or ActiveDirectory repository to edit external user information. However, you may associate properties with external users and then use those properties in CloudBees CD/RO.

In the Filter field, enter a string to be used to filter users. The filter will automatically apply a trailing '' to find all users starting with the entered text. Use * for wildcards (for example, searching for *foo will return all users that include the string foo).

To configure your existing LDAP and Active Directory account repositories to communicate with CloudBees CD/RO, click the Administration > Directory Providers tabs.