Adding a Link to a Job

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The Workflow Details page and several other CloudBees CD/RO web pages also allow adding links. This tutorial shows how to add links to a job and have them immediately available on the Job Details page.

To view an example procedure for this tutorial , go to the automation platform UI > Projects > EC-Tutorials- <version> , and click the procedure name.

An explanation of what you see:

  • The Procedure Details page for the "Adding a link to a job" procedure contains two steps: Create File and Create Job Link

  • The Action column displays a code fragment of the script used to create the readme.txt file and a reference for the Create Job Link step. For this example, we want to link to a "readme" file. (You can click on the Create File step name to go to the Edit Step page to see the full ec-perl script shown partially in the Action column.)

Click Run to run this sample procedure and see the resulting job status on the Job Details page, where the new link to the readme.txt file is displayed under the Links heading in the summary section at the top of the page.


Use the following instructions if you would like to practice creating a link on the Job Details page now.

Any changes you make within this tutorial will not be saved when you upgrade CloudBees CD/RO. These instructions only coach you through the process you would use to create links on your Job Details pages.
  1. In the automation platform UI, click Projects > EC-Tutorials- <version> > Adding a link to a job.

    The Procedure Details page opens.

  2. In the Procedure Steps section, click Subprocedure to create a new step based on a subprocedure.

    The Choose Subprocedure Step dialog box opens.

  3. To select a project:

    1. Select Project. In the text box, start typing EC-Utilities.

      As you type, possible matches appear in a drop-down list.

    2. When you see EC-Utilities, select it.

  4. To select a procedure:

    1. Select Project. In the text box, start typing Create Job Link.

      As you type, possible matches appear in a drop-down list.

    2. When you see Create Job Link, select it.

  5. Click OK.

    The New Step page opens.

  6. In the General section, Google search in the Name field.

  7. In the Parameters section:

    1. In the Link Label field, enter Google Search. (This is any name you choose for the name of your link.)

    2. In the Link Location field, enter (This is the URL to your link location, or it can be a relative path to where you want to create a link.)

    3. Click OK to save your entries and return to the Procedure Details page.

  8. On the Procedure Details page, click Run.

  9. On the Job Details page, as soon as the links are processed you will see the new "Google Search" link in addition to the "readme.txt" link.

Clicking on the new Google Search link will take to you to the Google website.

Job Details —See this Help topic for more detailed information about creating links and complete information on other aspects for using the Job Details page.