Resource pools

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View resource pools

To view all resource pools known to the CloudBees CD/RO server, navigate to DevOps Essentials  Resource Pools.

The Resource pools page displays the following information:

Column Name Description


This is the name you supplied for this resource pool. Click on a pool name to go to the Resource Pool Details page.


The type is either static or dynamic.


The number of resources in the resource pool.

Resource Template Name

The name of the resource template to which the resource is applied. Only dynamic resources can be applied to a resource template.

Auto Delete

If this column is selected with a check mark, the pool will be deleted when the last resource is deleted or removed.


If this box is checked, this resource pool is enabled.


Use the Copy link to make an exact duplicate of an existing resource pool, then select the copy to go to the Resource Pool Details page to change the resource pool name or add or remove resources from the pool. Use the Delete link to delete the resource pool on the same row.

Deleting a resource pool does not delete the resources referenced by the pool.

View or edit resource pool details

To view the details of a specific resource pool, select the name of the resource pool.

To edit the details, complete the fields and menus in the Edit Resource Pool page and select OK. For details, refer to Create or edit resource pools.