Transition workflow

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Use this page to transition your workflow to a different startable state. Note the name after the page title, template-99; this is the name of the workflow in our example.

  • The "star" icon allows you to save the Transition Workflow page to your Home page.

  • The "bread crumbs" Project: SoftwareBuild / Workflow: template-99 provide links to a previous pages.

Field descriptions

  1. Enter information into the fields as follows:

    Field Name Description


    The name of this transition.


    The name of the state that owns the transition— the active state of the workflow.

    Target State

    The name of the target state— the state where the workflow will transition.


    In the screen example above, "version" is the name of the parameter and you must enter a value for this parameter. This is a required field.

  2. Select OK to transition the workflow to the target state.