User Interface Upgrade Method

2 minute readDeveloper productivity

Use this procedure to upgrade CloudBees CD/RO. Review Upgrading a clustered environment or Upgrading a non-clustered environment, as appropriate, before performing this procedure.

When upgrading the nodes in a CloudBees CD/RO cluster, you must keep the other nodes stopped until the primary node upgrade is complete.
  1. Enter the following command to make the installer file executable:

    chmod +x ./CloudBeesFlow-<version>
  2. Double-click the CloudBees CD/RO-<version> file to begin installation. The Welcome to the CloudBees CD/RO Install Wizard screen appears.

  3. Choose one of the following options:

    • Select Upgrade the existing installation if you want to upgrade your current CloudBees CD/RO installation directory.

    • Select Perform a clean install if you want to specify a different installation directory for the new version.

      During a clean installation, current services remain running until you click Next on the Ready to Install screen. This means the new installation cannot use the same ports and directories as the existing installation. To use the same ports and directories, you must manually stop the existing services. This will free the existing ports and directories.
  4. Click Next to upgrade the existing installation. The Ready to upgrade screen appears.

  5. Review the upgrade settings.

    Use the Back button to change your selections if necessary.

  6. Click Next to continue.

    The installer displays a status bar to show the progress of the upgrade process. You can also view the installer.log file to see progress. The time that it takes to complete this process depends on the size of the database. It may take fifteen minutes or longer to complete. Once this process is complete, the new CloudBees CD/RO version is installed.

  7. Select the Launch a web browser to login to CloudBees CD/RO check box if you want CloudBees CD/RO to open the login screen now.

  8. Click Finish to complete the upgrade.

    If a CloudBees CD/RO server is being upgraded, when the installation is complete, the server continue to upgrade the database (if applicable). You cannot log in to the CloudBees CD/RO server until the database upgrade finishes. You can view the upgrade status by using ectool from a command line:

    ectool getServerStatus

    However, for upgrades involving large databases, the output from ectool getServerStatus might remain unchanged for long periods. In this case, you can see more granular database update activity by following the procedure in the KBEC-00086 - Enabling and collecting voluminous JDBC logging KB article to add SQL logging to the <data_dir>/logs/commander.log file. You can view recent SQL logging updates to the file by using the Linux tail <data_dir>/logs/commander.log command.

    After clicking Finish, you might see a web page similar to the following screen if the upgrade is still in progress: