CloudBees CD/RO support policies

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This page details the support policies specific to CloudBees CD/RO. To view the full CloudBees Support terms and conditions, refer to CloudBees Support and Maintenance Terms & Conditions.

CloudBees CD/RO version support

CloudBees supports each version of CloudBees CD/RO made commercially available for twelve months after general release.

For more information on supported versions, refer to CloudBees maintenance lifecycle policies.

CloudBees CD/RO plugin support policy

This section describes the plugin support policy for CloudBees CD/RO plugins.

For plugin usage information, refer to CloudBees CD/RO plugins.

Plugin support levels

CloudBees CD/RO classifies plugins into two support levels.

  • CloudBees: These plugins are fully supported by CloudBees.

  • Community: These plugins are not supported by CloudBees. Use them with caution in a given installation because their stability is unknown.

The following table describes how CloudBees supports plugin fixes and features.

CloudBees Community

Bug and security fixes


Not supported by CloudBees

New features

Subject to CloudBees priorities

Not supported by CloudBees

Verified compatibility



Verified upgrades



If you are having any issues with a CloudBees supported plugin or its documentation, please open a support request using CloudBees support, and select the Product area option including CD.