GitOps configuration with Helm charts

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CloudBees CD/RO features options to configure GitOps repositories during Helm installation. These options allow devops administrators to:

  • Create repository plugin configuration(s) based on supplied credentials

  • Create source code synchronization object(s) (scmSync) for supplied repositories

  • Attach a polling trigger to the scmSync object

You can configure only one repository during installation.

Creating a values configuration for GitOps

GitOps support on CloudBees CD/RO can be configured using the following values:

  enabled: false
# Either specify the secret where the gitToken is stored under
# the 'CBF_GIT_TOKEN' key (recommended for production) or specify

Example configuration

In the following example, a GitOps repository gitopsdemo is created containing the configuration for a CloudBees CD/RO instance.

  1. Create the secret to be used in your GitOps con:figure-caption:

    kubectl create secret generic my-gitops-token \
    --from-literal=CBF_GIT_TOKEN='ghp_rdfdffdffdfdummmytoken' \
     -n <namespace>
  2. Append the GitOps configuration to your custom configuration (such as myvalues.yaml):

      enabled: true
      existingSecret: my-gitops-token

Once configured, you can access the GitOps project from the Projects page.

GitOps Project