Configure GitOps with Helm charts

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These instructions are for use during installation only. Use these steps to configure a repository during installation.

CloudBees CD/RO features options to configure GitOps repositories during Helm installation. These options allow devops administrators to:

Creating a values configuration for GitOps

You can configure GitOps support on CloudBees CD/RO during installation using the following values:

  enabled: true
# Either specify the secret where the gitToken is stored under
# the 'CBF_GIT_TOKEN' key (recommended for production) or specify

Example configuration

In the following example, an scmSync object is created in the GitOps project. This points to the sample GitHub repository, gitopsdemo, which creates a sample procedure as part of the Helm chart installation.

To create a GitOps configuration:

  1. Create the secret to use in your GitOps configure-caption:

    kubectl create secret generic my-gitops-token \
    --from-literal=CBF_GIT_TOKEN='ghp_rdfdffdffdfdummmytoken' \
     -n <namespace>
  2. Append the GitOps configuration to your custom configuration (such as myvalues.yaml):

      enabled: true
      existingSecret: my-gitops-token

    Once configured, you can view the scmSync object on the Source code synchronizations page. The scmSync object is in the GitOps project.