Artifact Details

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This page displays detailed information about an artifact.

  • Edit-- Use this link to go to the Edit Artifact page to make any necessary changes for this artifact’s description or artifact version name template.

  • Access Control —Use this link to set privileges for this artifact. For more information , see the Access control Help topic.

  • The "star" icon allows you to save this job information to your Home page.

General Information section

This section displays the artifact name (Artifact), Group Id, Artifact Key, and any Description previously supplied for this artifact.

The tabbed sections

The next section of tabs allows you to select the type of information you want to see.

Artifact Versions table

This table displays all artifact versions included in this artifact.

Column descriptions

Artifact Version—Click on an artifact version name to go to the Artifact Version Details page for that artifact version.

Description—The previously supplied description, if any, for this artifact version.


  • Click the Edit link to go to the Edit Artifact Version page.

  • Click the Delete link to delete this artifact version from the artifact.

Properties table

This table contains custom properties for this artifact.

  • Click on a Property Name to edit that property.

  • If a "folder icon" precedes a property name, it denotes a Nested Property Sheet.

  • This section also provides Create Property, Create Nested Sheet, and Access Control links to add more custom properties or change or set privileges on this artifact.