New calendar versioning in 2023

Beginning with the first release in 2023, CloudBees CD/RO is moving to a calendar versioning convention. The version number consists of the following fields:

  • Major: four digit year.

  • Minor: two digit month.

  • Micro: This is a patch version number starting with zero.

  • Modifier: An optional text tag, such as "dev," "alpha," "beta," "rc1," etc.

For example, release version 2023.02.0 would be the first release in February 2023 and 2023.03.2 would be the second patch release in March 2023.

For more information, refer to CloudBees maintenance lifecycle policies.

CloudBees CD/RO v10.11

CloudBees is pleased to announce the v10.11 long-term support (LTS) release of CloudBees CD/RO. With this release, CloudBees added several new features and system improvements, including:

  • Third-party deployments

  • SAML format configuration for SSO.

    This is a preview feature.
  • A YAML DSL option, including the ability to export.

    This is a preview feature.

Refer to New features below for more information.

Security fixes

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New features

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Feature enhancements

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Performance improvements


Plugin enhancements

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Resolved issues

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Behavior changes


Installation and upgrade notes

For complete installation and upgrade information, refer to CloudBees CD/RO on Kubernetes and Installing CloudBees CD/RO on traditional platforms.

CloudBees deprecated the CloudBees CD/RO `ec-jruby` and `ec-jython` wrapper programs with v10.11. The wrapper programs are no longer installed as part of CloudBees CD/RO tools.
Potential backward incompatibility

CloudBees CD/RO Docker images are now based on UBI minimal instead of UBI standard, as in previous releases. Some packages are not installed on our Docker images by default. This may cause backward incompatibility if your environment depends on these tools and utilities. CloudBees CD/RO Docker images now use `microdnf` as a package manager and `yum` and `dnf` package managers are no longer available. To retain backward compatibility, CloudBees CD/RO provides a `symlink` for `microdnf` as `dnf`. These package managers are not 100% compatible, which may cause unexpected errors and require modification of the scripts.

Duplicate applications warning

CloudBees CD/RO v10.9 included a fix for an issue that caused duplicate applications for applications created in the UI. The upgrade process fails when there are duplicate applications. CloudBees resolved this issue for MariaDB, MySQL, and Postgres databases. Ensure that your current installation does not contain applications with duplicate names. You can rename or delete the applications. You must remove duplicate applications by ID using the `deleteObjects` API. You cannot delete duplicate applications by name. For more details and scripts to assist with this process, refer to KBEC-00513 - How to resolve applications with duplicate names before upgrading from a version prior to v10.9.

Apache ZooKeeper required update

The ZooKeeper version bundled with CloudBees CD/RO v10.5 was updated from v3.4.6 to v3.8.0. CloudBees CD/RO v10.5+ requires ZooKeeper v3.8.0. For installation and upgrade instructions, refer to Installing ZooKeeper and Upgrading a clustered environment.

Legacy services applications and container entities

The legacy Services applications and Traditional applications with containers have been deprecated and removed from this version of CloudBees CD/RO. Before you upgrade, you must migrate your applications to the current microservices application model.

Legacy webhook triggers

As of v10.8, webhook triggers configured and scheduled before v10.1 have been deleted. Polling triggers configured and scheduled prior to v10.1 continue to work, but they are not available from the UI to review or run.

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Configuration notes

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Known issues

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